Parents interested in volunteering, chaperoning, etc., must be in compliance with the Archdiocese of Baltimore policy on children protective services. This is accomplished through the VIRTUS Training program. It is all online and takes about 1-1/2 hours.

  1. Go to VIRTUS
  2. Click on First Time Registrant
  3. Click on Begin Registration Process
  4. Select your organization – on the drop down, click on Baltimore Archdiocese
  5. Proceed as directed
  6. The training session is Protecting God’s Children Online Maltreatment Awareness Session 3.2 Baltimore
  7. Make sure you use “Substantial Contact with Children”
  8. Do not complete the driving portion
  9. After completing the training, print 3 of the Reference Forms

You will then give the Reference Form to the 3 people you indicated. Have your references return their forms to IHM.

Virtus Training is not complete and you are not compliant until all 3 Reference Forms are returned.

Questions, please contact Debbie Sperato.

Parent Volunteering

IHM encourages volunteer participation at the school and is blessed to have excellent and dedicated volunteers from all school community groups. IHM recognizes and values the contributions of our many volunteers and understands the potential for assistance and enrichment of our programs. Each homeroom will have a homeroom parent(s) who will assist in the coordination of classroom parties and communication.

Only volunteers who have complied fully with Archdiocesan regulations concerning the Protection of Children and Youth will be permitted to enter the building to participate in activities, assist, or chaperone field trips. All volunteers at IHM must:

  • Complete the Archdiocesan VIRTUS training course, which may be accessed on-line;
  • Have an Archdiocesan application for volunteer service approved and on file at the school; and
  • Have an acknowledgement of receipt and review of the Archdiocesan Statement of Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth on file at the school.

Substitutes and volunteers who regularly work as assistants in the classrooms must also have fingerprinting completed and on file in the school office. The office personnel have information on how to complete the fingerprinting process.

All persons entering the school should enter through the main lobby doors near the school office. All volunteers and visitors must first sign in, wear an identification badge during their visit, and sign out before departure.

Parents are able to volunteer in various capacities such as lunch duty assistants, class parents, chaperones for school dances and field trips.

Class Parents 

The role of the Class Parent is to work with the homeroom teacher to coordinate holiday parties and activities throughout the year. In addition, Class Parents are vital in assisting the HSA with our fundraisers, including the Fall Festival and Casino Night. These responsibilities will include working with the other Class Parents in the grade to come up with class baskets or other donations. If interested, please sign up at the Meet and Greet day or contact your homeroom teacher. A Class Parent is a rewarding and fun-filled commitment!

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