Special Areas

Special Areas

Our special area classes at IHM are an integral component of the IHM educational experience. IHM students are afforded opportunities to participate and engage in experiences and activities in accordance with our Archdiocese of Baltimore curriculum.

All students attend specials in PreK – 8th grade once a week. Our specials are:

STEAM, Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Library, and Technology Integration.

Music Program

Grades PK-1:  Introduce concepts of music, rhythms, singing, movement, and creative expression through a variety of instruments and mediums

Grades 2-4:  Utilize one-to-one Chromebooks to develop musical skills, and also learn to play music on flutophones, hand bells, drums and percussion; as well as cultural and holiday singing, educational games and activities, dance/choreography, composers, instruments of the orchestra, and introduction to treble clef note reading

Grades 5-8:  Utilize one-to-one Chromebooks to enhance musical skills such as treble/bass clef note reading and rhythm skills; as well as drumming, singing, hand bells, piano keyboard, song writing, creative projects, dance/choreography, musical genres, music history, and composer appreciation

Grades 1-4 participate in our annual Christmas Pageant – an event you don’t want to miss!

Special Areas

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