Faculty & Staff

It’s the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

Faculty & Staff

Administrative Staff
Father Jeff Dauses Pastor jdauses@archbalt.org
Sister Susan Louise Eder Principal sleder@ihmschoolmd.org
Giselle Pile Assistant Principal gpile@ihmschoolmd.org
Dolores Schiavone Business Manager dschiavone@ihmschoolmd.org
Julie Bacso Advancement Director jbacso@ihmschoolmd.org
Debbie Sperato Administrative Assistant dsperato@ihmschoolmd.org
Faculty & Staff
Angela Pinto PreK3 Teacher apinto@ihmschoolmd.org
Judy Mays PreK3 Instructional Assistant jmays@ihmschoolmd.org
Kristin Schmitt PreK4 Teacher kschmitt@ihmschoolmd.org
Lissa Ruppert PreK4 Instructional Assistant lruppert@ihmschoolmd.org
Lisa Ballance PreK4 Teacher lballance@ihmschoolmd.org
Michelle Cramer PreK4 Instructional Assistant mcramer@ihmschoolmd.org
Kaitlyn McIntyre Kindergarten Teacher kmcintyre@ihmschoolmd.org
Kathy Mays Kindergarten Instructional Assistant kmays@ihmschoolmd.org
Kathleen Strauch Kindergarten Teacher kstrauch@ihmschoolmd.org
Ruby Pabon Kindergarten Instructional Assistant rpabon@ihmschoolmd.org
Sara Bardzik 1st Grade Teacher sbardzik@ihmschoolmd.org
Katie Moor 1st Grade Teacher kmoor@ihmschoolmd.org
Cossondre Anderson 1st Grade Instructional Assistant canderson@ihmschoolmd.org
Lacey Lichtenberg 2nd Grade Teacher llichtenberg@ihmschoolmd.org
Holly Dengler 2nd Grade Teacher hdengler@ihmschoolmd.org
Danielle Bressner 3rd Grade Teacher dbressner@ihmschoolmd.org
Jessica Janis 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant jjanis@ihmschoolmd.org
Amy Strickland 4th Religion, ELA and Social Studies; 5th Grade Religion astrickland@ihmschoolmd.org
Catherine Noppinger 4th/5th Math & Science knoppinger@ihmschoolmd.org
Martha McMullen 5th/6th/7th Social Studies mmcmullen@ihmschoolmd.org
Brendan Corbett 6th ELA bcorbett@ihmschoolmd.org
Mary Grace Mazzulli MS Religion mmazzulli@ihmschoolmd.org
Sherry Myers ELA 5th & 7th Grade smyers@ihmschoolmd.org
Dawn Elliott MS Math delliott@ihmschoolmd.org
Ann Lindner 8th Grade ELA & Social Studies alindner@ihmschoolmd.org
Alison Roper MS Science aroper@ihmschoolmd.org
Mary Jo Broderick MS Math mjbroderick@ihmschoolmd.org
Pat Luongo Student Support Services pluongo@ihmschoolmd.org
Juliet Oroszy Resource Teacher joroszy@ihmschoolmd.org
Sallie Bennett Physical Education sbennett@ihmschoolmd.org
Ashlee Bickraj Music abickraj@ihmschoolmd.org
Anahi Chenowith ES Spanish achenowith@ihmschoolmd.org
Sr. Miriam Elizabeth Cusack Library smecusack@ihmschoolmd.org
Michelle Datz Art mdatz@ihmschoolmd.org
Sr. Audrey Frances Moran MS Spanish & 6C Religion safmoran@ihmschoolmd.org
Emily Elliott Nurse eelliott@ihmschoolmd.org
Siobhan Powers School Counselor spowers@ihmschoolmd.org

Lynn Diem

Ericka Leahy

Beyond the Bell Directors IHMbtb@ihmschoolmd.org
Support Staff
Dwight Roundtree Maintenance
Ellen Hata Front Desk