6 Advantages to Sending your Child to a Catholic Kindergarten in Towson

May 7, 2021 | Recent News

Parents have many choices today when it comes to education for their child. Building that “love of learning” foundation, is always a big decision for parents when it comes to selecting a kindergarten. For some children, kindergarten is the first exposure to an educational setting and the initial experience of the child’s independence without their parents assistance or presence.

Choosing a Catholic Kindergarten program is often the choice of many parents and it not only provides that solid foundation and love for learning but extends many other advantages for the child, family and community.

6 Advantages to Sending your Child to a Catholic Kindergarten in Towson

  1. Catholic kindergarten offers  a high level of academic excellence. Students follow a rigorous curriculum developed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore in a structured classroom environment.
  2. Catholic schools provide an education surrounded by the Catholic faith with an emphasis on Christian values. Our students learn the principles of being a good human by treating others with respect by always following the golden rule.
  3. Catholic kindergarten helps children build healthy social relationships with a sense of community. The preschool – 8th grade environment helps develop that sense of school community.
  4. Catholic kindergartens offer a supportive and safe environment for children to develop and exhibit leadership skills. Special jobs are assigned to the students to help them display their leadership skills each week. Teamwork within the classroom helps build comradery among the students.
  5. Catholic kindergartens allow the formation of the whole child and introduce and allow the child to grow in service to others.  Students learn the importance to help those around them in need through community outreach projects.
  6. Children enrolled in a Catholic kindergarten also experience a balanced curriculum including art, music, foreign language, library, technology and physical education. Students enjoy the variety of learning and are encouraged to broaden their interests through expression, creativity and movement.

Why choose the Immaculate Heart of Mary School for Kindergarten for your child?

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is a co-educational, Catholic PreK3 – 8th-grade school located in Towson, MD. For 70 years, IHM has educated a diverse community of students who grow and learn in a community of Faith. Inspired by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Catholic educational community aspires to nurture students who think critically as they lead and serve their diverse local and global communities.

The foundation of our Kindergarten program is based upon building our student’s confidence while they foster a genuine love for learning. Our students enjoy learning in a bright, warm, engaging, and nurturing environment. All of our students look forward to each school day because of the inviting atmosphere. For more information call (410) 668-8466.