Signature Programs

3D Printing

IHM's computer lab has received a 3D printer that allows middle school students to complete projects and learn more about 3D printing programs.

1:1 Tablet Program

Through a generous grant from the Knott Foundation, IHM school has implemented our 1:1 tablet PC program. Currently available to 7th and 8th grade students, we anticipate all middle school students to have their own hand-held device by 2016.

We have worked to create an atmosphere in which students are comfortable creating original content, storing files, uploading documents, and multitasking via their tablet. Students are using their tablets across the curriculum. Our faculty has integrated this program into their curriculum as an alternate means of assessment and experiential learning.

Students work individually and collaboratively on projects that include web design, photography applications, and cloud based presentations. Many students are acquainted with touch screen technology in their own homes, and the ability to use a touch screen tablet maximizes a skill that is familiar to them.

Our tablet 1:1 program is part of a plan to ensure that students succeed in 21st century learning using this technology in a safe environment.