Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Rev. Michael Carrion Pastor mcarrion@immaculateheartofmary.com
Anders Alicea Principal
Amy Conly School Administrative Manager aconly@ihmschoolmd.org
Marion Jennings Office Staff mjennings@ihmschoolmd.org
Debbie Sperato Administrative Assistant & Shield Coordinator dsperato@ihmschoolmd.org
Kaitlin Airey Marketing and Development kairey@ihmschoolmd.org


Ana McIntyre
Pre-K3 amcintyre@ihmschoolmd.org
Stacie Handley
Pre-K3 Instructional Assistant shandley@ihmschoolmd.org
Kristin McKenna
Pre-K4 kmckenna@ihmschoolmd.org
Jenny Lim
Pre-K4 Instructional Assistant jlim@ihmschoolmd.org
Suzy Cefalu
Pre-K4 scefalu@ihmschoolmd.org
Ruby Pabon
Pre-K4 Instructional Assistant rpabon@ihmschoolmd.org
Bridget Myrick
Kindergarten bmyrick@ihmschoolmd.org
Lori Walls
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Kathleen Strauch
Kindergarten kstrauch@ihmschoolmd.org
Heather Yori
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant hyori@ihmschoolmd.org
Sally Bogucki
1st Grade sbogucki@ihmschoolmd.org
Anna Lisa Aversa 1st Grade Instructional Assistant laversa@ihmschoolmd.org
Debbie Salamone
1st Grade dsalamone@ihmschoolmd.org
Lisa Ballance 1st Grade Instructional Assistant lballance@ihmschoolmd.org
Maureen Finlan
2nd Grade mfinlan@ihmschoolmd.org
Stephanie Leone
2nd Grade sleone@ihmschoolmd.org
Danielle Bressner
3rd Grade dbressner@ihmschoolmd.org
Marissa Johansen 3rd Grade mjohansen@ihmschoolmd.org
Jennifer Reef 3rd Grade jreef@ihmschoolmd.org
Karen Cavanaugh
4th Grade kcavanaugh@ihmschoolmd.org
Kirstin Orem
4th Grade korem@ihmschoolmd.org
Betty O'Donnell
5th Grade bodonnell@ihmschoolmd.org
Colleen Karnicki
5th Grade ckarnicki@ihmschoolmd.org
Cathy King
6th Grade cking@ihmschoolmd.org
David Rosen
6th Grade drosen@ihmschoolmd.org
Pat Luongo 6th Grade pluongo@ihmschoolmd.org
Ann Lindner
7th Grade alindner@ihmschoolmd.org
Dawn Elliott 7th Grade delliott@ihmschoolmd.org
Alison Roper
8th Grade aroper@ihmschoolmd.org
Renee Newberry 8th Grade rnewberry@ihmschoolmd.org
Martha McMullen
Middle School Social Studies mmcmullen@ihmschoolmd.org
Terri Archibald
Middle School Social Studies tarchibald@ihmschoolmd.org
Joelle Conoscenti Middle School Religion and Resource jconoscenti@ihmschoolmd.org
Elton Knupp Middle School Theatre Arts eknupp@ihmschoolmd.org
Michelle Datz
Art mdatz@ihmschoolmd.org
Ashlee Bickraj Music/Band abickraj@ihmschoolmd.org
Meghan Marinucci
Computer mmarinucci@ihmschoolmd.org
Sallie Bennett
Physical Education sbennett@ihmschoolmd.org
Brenda Karolenko
Library bkarolenko@ihmschoolmd.org
Monica Fetzer
Spanish mfetzer@ihmschoolmd.org
Ali Browder Spanish abrowder@ihmschoolmd.org
Gretchen Rojas Spanish grojas@ihmschoolmd.org
Anahi Chenowith Spanishachenowith@ihmschoolmd.org
Siobhan Powers Counselor spowers@ihmschoolmd.org
Pat Plowman Beyond the Bell pplowman@ihmschoolmd.org
Susan Baer School Nurse sbaer@ihmschoolmd.org
Anne Bell Reading Specialist abell@ihmschoolmd.org
Lori Zimmerman Resource Room lzimmerman@ihmschoolmd.org
Sue Sibol Resource Room ssibol@ihmschoolmd.org
Liza Hoey Receptionist lhoey@ihmschoolmd.org

Support Staff

Monica Bundy Cafeteria

Dwight Roundtree Maintenance
Dolores Schiavone Bookkeeper dschiavone@immaculateheartofmary.com
Michael Smith Technology Support ihmtech@ihmschoolmd.org